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Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice...

MEF does not collect or sell "ANY" customer data. All data is treated according to the FBI's acquisition, retention, and sharing of information collected for the purpose of your background check request is generally authorized under 28 USC 534 and 28 CFR 16.30-16.34. The purpose for requesting this information from you is to provide the FBI with a minimum of identifying data to permit an accurate and timely search of criminal history identification records.

The information reported on may be disclosed pursuant to your consent, and may also be disclosed by the FBIwithout your consent pursuant to the Privacy Act of 1974 and all applicable routine uses.

Except for Name, Response type, Payment Method(no cc info, etc) and shipping method information all other information is deleted within 30 days of the Background check response. The Application data iself is kept on record for 2 year per CJIS requirements.

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